Samba "almost" working

Ed Troy etroy at
Fri Jan 19 01:04:45 GMT 2001

I've made a bunch of changes and adjustments, with the help of some list 
members, and I "almost" have samba working. Now, if I search for (the dhcp address of the linux box) it shows up on my win2k 
machine. If I then doubleclick on, it brings up a bunch of 
folders, like public, nobody, homes, and home. The only one that I can 
access is public. But, I can only read files that I put into it. I cannot 
write to it. The other folders bring up messages that they are either not 
reachable, or I get a username and password window, but they bomb out when 
I fill them in.

I am obviously close, but not there yet. Any ideas?? Also, it is still 
obvious that the windows machines cannot locate the linux box by name, 
although they can locate all of the win2k boxes by name. (IP addresses are 
being assigned by dhcp by a Maxgate ugate 3200 switch/router.)


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