Can't get SAMBA to work on DHCP peer to peer network

Ed Troy etroy at
Thu Jan 18 21:49:51 GMT 2001

I have been trying, for days, to get my linux box up and running with 
samba, with no luck at all. It is RH 7.0, and I downloaded the various 
updates, and made the changes suggested on their web site to at least get 
SWAT running so I can try to configure samba. I can get smbd and nmbd 
started, but I cannot see the machine by any of the win2k machines. (They 
can see each other and share files, so I think the problem is with the 
linux setup.)

I suspect my problem is related to the fact that I am using a Maxgate Ugate 
3200 switched router to connect my local peer to peer network to a cable 
modem (@home). The ugate 3200 acts as a dhcp server, and it seems to work 
for the windows boxes. It also successfully assigns an ip address to the 
linux box ( at the moment). Also, the ugate has a table that 
shows machine names and ip addresses. This shows all of the machines and 
the proper ip addresses, including the linux box. So, I know that the ip 
addresses are being assigned. However, although I can see the names of the 
win2k machines in the network neighborhood on any of the win2k machines, I 
cannot see the linux box. Also, although I can ping any machine, including 
the linux box, I can only ping by ip address, not machine name. It seems 
that there is no DNS. (I'm not surprised, since I did not set up a DNS 
server for my peer to peer network. After all, I can't see any way to do 
that when ip addresses can change constantly.)

How do you set up samba to work in a peer to peer network when you have a 
switched router acting as a dhcp server? Although I can start and stop smbd 
and nmbd, if I assign a drive, like / or /home to use for sharing, and 
activate the change, all looks good until I go back to that page in SWAT 
and I find that there is no assigned share drive. Also, I cannot print to a 
postscript printer that is attached to my ethernet at from the 
linux box, although I can print to it from my win2k machines, one of which 
has the drivers for it. I suspect all of these problems are related.


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