printing from Windows NT to SAMBA queue

Judy Cox jlcox at
Thu Jan 18 21:32:54 GMT 2001

HELP!!  I have setup a REMOTE and SMB print queue on my
linux box.  The linux box appears via the browse menu in
network neighborhood and I can select the printer, but when
I tried to print from 2000 or nt4 O/S the following error
message occurs when I tried to print via an application: "a
startdocprinter call was not issed".  I also cannot print a
test page from nt?  From linux server, I can print using the
REMOTE print queue.  I have executed "testprns" and it
indicated the printer was valid.  I just do not know what
else to do?  Note:  I also created a guest account for the
queue and set a SMB password.   HELP!!  I am trying to move
all of the services provided on my nt server to a  linux

JL Cox

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