Using Samba as an NT-profile-server

Thomas Langås tlan at
Thu Jan 18 20:10:32 GMT 2001


We have three Sun E450 fileserver serving a total of 20000 users, theese
fileservers NFS export all homedirs to our samba-servers (four boxes running 
ix86 Solaris). Instead of having an NT machine serving profiles, we have
profiles over Samba. Now to the problem:

Is it possible to get the Path= in the smb.conf to be "dynamical" ie.   
dependent on the machine the request came from?  

To claryfy this, I'll make an example:

Let's say you have two different computer labs which require two different  
profiles, then we want something like this:

path = %H/.profile/__labdependent__/  

What would've been great if it was possible to make samba check a file for  
hostnames and if connecting host is found, it should use path= from that
file. ie:     path=%H/.profile/lab1-pc02/
lab1-h??     path=%H/.profile/lab1/  
lab2-h??     path=%H/.profile/lab2/
lab3-h*      path=%H/.profile/lab3/

This way, one only need to specify one share. If you have a lot of labs,
it'll get messy to maintain a config file for all the diff. labs.

If it's not possible today, could someone please give some small directions 
about where I should alter the code to implement this?


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