Win2k / Access DB / Corruption

R.B. Woods rbwoods at
Thu Jan 18 16:38:12 GMT 2001

I have been struggling for the past several weeks with a corruption problem
using an application that uses Access Databases on a Samba 2.0.7 share.  The
clients are all Win2k SP1 and the network is 'healthy'.  I've turned off
oplocks on both client and server, I've disabled the caching on the Win2k
boxes per the Samba documentation and the one note posted on the download
sites regarding key registry entries that affect locking and caching (there
are also a couple of errors in that document and would like to know where to
send the corrections).  I've installed the service pack 5 for Jet 4.0 and
yet the problem persists.

The error usually has cropped up when a 3rd machine is added to the mix.
Though in the latest test 3 machines worked fine after applying SP5 for Jet4
and I only saw corruption when rapidly saving and retrieving from a single
workstation (this 1 test is not conclusive).  During this last test, I was
able to bounce from machine to machine in a random sequence with no
corruption but finally saving and retrieving the same record from the same
machine caused an error after just 2 cycles.

I would like to know of anyone who has this working to see if I can
determine the differences between my Samba or win2k config to fix these
problems.  I would also like to know if this is simply something that will
not work properly due to some incompatibility with Windows 2000 that might
be resolved in the next version of Samba (2.2).

Any help would be appreciated, I'm getting desparate.  My latest test almost
points to Msoft drivers as the problem but the same application works
perfectly when the data files are stored on a Windows 2000 Pro share even
without the Jet4 SP5 patches.  I would love to hear from anyone and everyone
who has a similar setup that is working (Samba 2.0.7, Win2k, shared Access

I'd be glad to provide more information to anyone who might help me with

Thank you all in advance for your assistance!

R.B. Woods

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