question on file size limits

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Jan 18 15:06:41 GMT 2001

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Munsterman, Kevin wrote:

> can you give me some hints of where to start looking as this is smbfs.
> thanks

There is some documentation on the smb protocol on the samba website,
under downloads (docs?  specs?). Start there, it should be possible to
find there which smbs that depend on large_file support (at least

Then find the matching calls in the smbfs code (grep -i for them, or ask)
and fix them to work with both large file and without. There may be
interface issues vs the rest of the "VFS", but I don't think so.

And to test this you need to make smbmount enable large file support when
it negotiates the connection.


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