printer problem

Adam Kennedy (Fuzzy Logic) fuzzy at
Thu Jan 18 03:19:29 GMT 2001

I just recently added my printer to samba. I can print from my linux
server just fine via lpd. When I point my windows98 box to the share, and
print something, it prints one page with a %1 in the left corner, then it
prints my file correctly, then it spits out a blank page.
How do I rid myself of the %1 and possibly the trailing blank page after
my documents?

I used apsfilter to setup the printer in linux, with a raw printcap entry
that doesn't go through a filter of any sort. The raw entry is what I used
in the samba share. I tried playing with the "postscript = yes" option for
the smb.conf file but that didn't do anything.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Adam Kennedy (Fuzzy Logic)
fuzzy at

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