Samba guest access problem

Lynn Danielson Lynn.Danielson at
Thu Jan 18 01:30:39 GMT 2001

Alex Madden wrote:
> What I want to do is grant read/write access to shares on the basis of
> membership of secondary unix groups, and allow access to everyone else
> read only. If someone has this running can you e-mail me your smb.conf, so
> I can diff them and try and work out whats going on?
> [global]
>    guest account = guest
> [clients]
>    comment = Clients
>    valid users = @ovatedev
>    create mode = 0775
>    directory mode = 0775
>    path = /usr/local/documents/clients
>    writeable = yes
>    guest ok = yes

I think valid users overrides your guest ok parameter. I'd set writeable 
to no and use "write list = @ovatedev" instead of valid users.  I'd also 
suggest force group = +ovatedev.  Then all users who can authenticate 
against your samba server should be able to read from the clients share,
but only ovatedev members can write to it.

Doesn't explain your guest account problem though.  Have you reset your 
guest smbpasswd making sure it's the same as your Windows guest password?

Lynn Danielson

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