Samba guest access problem

Alex Madden alexm at
Wed Jan 17 22:39:26 GMT 2001

[also posted to comp.protocols.smb]

I am running samba 2.0.7 on a solaris 2.8 machine, it is running as
security=user to validate logins for a network of windows 98 workstations.
I have no problems with this. I am having problems granting access to some
shares on this system however.

What I want to do is grant read/write access to shares on the basis of
membership of secondary unix groups, and allow access to everyone else
read only. If someone has this running can you e-mail me your smb.conf, so
I can diff them and try and work out whats going on?

I'm fairly sure what I need to do is as below for the share, I think there
is something incorrect with my guest user setup.

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