Windows 2000 - Automatically Install Printer Drivers

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Jan 17 17:51:52 GMT 2001

Nate Carlson writes:

> I have Windows95/98 automatically loading printer drivers from the server
> as documented in PRINTER_DRIVER.txt.
> Does anyone know if there is a way to get this to work for Windows NT/2000
> machines? The documentation says there is not, but has this changed since
> it was last modified in 1998?  :)

Automatic printer driver downloads for NT and Windows 2000
machines is supported in the HEAD branch, if you are keen to
compile it up yourself, or from one of the 2.2.0 alpha releases.

You can read about configuring it in the PRINTER_DRIVER2.txt file
in the documentation directory for these versions of Samba.



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