question on file size limits

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Jan 17 10:07:47 GMT 2001

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Munsterman, Kevin wrote:

> I think I need to explain a little better. Its not a matter of
> creating, storing, dealing,
> ..... with the file. Its a matter of the file is not displayed during an
> directory listing, also the file is accessable using a nfs mount.
> of the mounted samba share.

I missed the start of this thread. Is this smbfs?

smbfs does not support large files. It needs a little bit of help from
smbmount to negotiate this with the server, then it needs to support this
itself in the internal data structures. Some of this may already be done
(where it is using generic kernel routines) but I'm sure a lot of it


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