Undocumented Feature in Samba?

Chris Fry chris at quillsoft.com.au
Wed Jan 17 00:37:41 GMT 2001

Just thought I'd share an experience with you regarding Samba, Win95/98
and encrypted passwords.

I set up a RH7 server for one of my clients who has 8 Win95 & 8 Win98
clients. I came across the problem with the 95 passwords in clear & 98
passwords encrypted so I dug around and read the README & FAQ.

I was going to use the registry hack on 98 to disable the encrption but
the client wanted to be able to sync the linux passwords from the Win
PC's. I discovered (trial & error) that, if you log in as a user from
Win 98 first you can then log in as that user from Win 95. It appears
that Samba is cacheing the passwords somehow and copes with both the
clear & encrypted versions.

I was then concerned that Samba would "forget" these passwords on reboot
but it appears that they are being cahed on disk as it still works after

This does not appear to be documented although it would be impossible to
read all of the FAQ etc.

Is this an undocumented feature or have I just lost the plot completely?

Would be interested in your comments,


Chris Fry

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