question on file size limits

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Tue Jan 16 21:46:52 GMT 2001

I think I need to explain a little better. Its not a matter of
creating, storing, dealing,
..... with the file. Its a matter of the file is not displayed during an
directory listing, also the file is accessable using a nfs mount.
of the mounted samba share.

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Samba, is of course, subject to the file size limitations of the OS
under which it runs. If you need larger than 2GB file sized on, say, a
Linux box, just install support for the Reiser file system (may
require a kernel upgrade). Reiser supports files much larger than 2GB.

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Munsterman, Kevin wrote:

> does samba have file size limitations as i'm having problems dealing with
> files larger than 2gb bis there a place to configure this.

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