How to add user for SWAT?

Tue Jan 16 09:06:42 GMT 2001

It uses Unix users not Samba users.  Root has read/write and everyone else gets read rights.  If you can stomach it then suid the swat binary to root to give everone with a password read/write (unless it has been forced to only allow only root - I've no idea, see the source).

See posts passim for running swat through SSL (sorry can't remember the outcome)

Jon G

>>> "sdfsdfds" < at> 01/16/01 09:36am >>>
  Samba is great and usefull, I like it very much .
  I don't know how to add user and change password for SWAT , The users and passwords added with Smbpasswd don't work . 
  Please help me .

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