smbpasswd -a adding users to the wrong file

peter.a.bryant at peter.a.bryant at
Tue Jan 16 08:29:03 GMT 2001

Hi folks,

     I want to use the smbpasswd facility to add users to Samba, however

Samba is not adding them to the smbpasswd file that it uses to authenticate,

it is instead adding them to the default password location.

I have the conf file  parameter "smb password file = " set to the correct

(wouldn't be authenticating people otherwise), and when I run testparm  it
reports that the smb password file is the correct location.

     Where does smbpasswd get its info regarding what password file to add users
to and how can I change this?

I really don't want to reconfigure Samba and use the with privatedir parameter.
Is there any other way?

I am using Samba 2.0  on Solaris 8 with NT4  and Win9x clients.

any help would be appreciated



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