Using Samba with Linksys Cable/DSL Router

David Rankin drankin at
Tue Jan 16 05:07:36 GMT 2001

Does anyone have any experience using Samba with the Linksys Cable/DSL
Router to share a broadband connection amoung a subnet of PC's?  The
Linksys line is the BEFSR series.

I need to set up my Samba box to share the connection and don't know
whether to go the IP-Masquerading route or use a hardware solution like
the Cable/DSL Router.

The Cable/DSL router will allow me to essentially plug the cable
connection into my hub, handle the NAT and also serve as a DHCP server.
Looking over the Win9x config required to work with the router causes me
concern that it may not jive with with way the Win9x boxes need to be
configured to work with Samba.

How are you guys doing it? (sorry for the lack of gender neutrality)

Do you see any gotcha's in using the router verses IP-Masq?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

David Rankin - drankin at

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