Speed problems with Windows 2000 resolved.

Steven Pierce steven_pierce at powerinter.net
Mon Jan 15 16:43:06 GMT 2001


Thank you.  My SAMBA server uses the intergraded Intel adapter.  I can see an old laptop on 
the lan, but not my W2K box.  I think it is that it has an old (really) intel 10m card.  I am going to
see if I can get a 10/100 card for it.  And see what that does.

Thank you.


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On 1/15/2001 at 05:56 Morten Nilsen wrote:

>well... I don't know about that... My W2k box still uses an (integrated) 
>Intel adapter.
>so it (at least in my case) seems to be an issue with linux...
>  Morten Nilsen
>Steven Pierce wrote:
>> Morton,
>> This is very interesting.  I have a Intel card in my W2K box.  I can not get SAMBA to see it at
>> all.  I wonder if this is part of the problem.  
>> S
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>> On 1/15/2001 at 01:30 Morten Nilsen wrote:
>>> I have resolved the problems, but I don't know what exactly was causing 
>>> it...
>>> I had a PCI Intel pro/100 (82557) card running with latest Trustix 
>>> release and patches.
>>> The problem was quite apparent... lots of collisiions, no speed.
>>> FTP worked at normal speeds.
>>> But once my PCI-card stopped working (Too much work at interupt)
>>> I replaced it with an old NE-2000 ISA clone, and it all fixed itself.
>>> I hope this information might help towards the resolution of this very 
>>> annoying bug.
>>>  Morten Nilsen

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