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Mon Jan 15 15:10:51 GMT 2001

Yes, Win98 workstations can talk to it. ( DHCP is not a proprietary
protocol.  Your client shouldn't care about the server, and vice versa.
If it doesn't work, then your client is not truly DHCP compliant. )  I'm
using the same setup here and all is working great.

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But doesn't this require the PC to have a DHCP client
that knows how to talk to this new DHCP server?
In other words, will normal Win98(SE) workstations
work with this new server?

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> Calvin,
> just for you and others info.
> I upgraded to Bind 9 and tyhe newest DHCP server
> Dynamic updates are build in and working create!
> As soon as the DHCP server gives out a IP address, the
> DNS server is updated.
> Regards,
> Ries van Twisk

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