Backup - Tape or CD-R

Ries van Twisk ries at
Mon Jan 15 12:22:26 GMT 2001

I use Arkeia,

looks nice and does a great job.
Automated backups, multiple tapes/incremental/differentiantel the 
whole nine yards....
Also you can remote contral this baby from your Win95/98/2000/4.0 
workstation! And last but not least you can backup your windows 
clients aswell.

Also take a look a afbackup, does a great job but it's only console 

> (1) Would it be better to let one of the Win98 clients handle the
> backup instead of trying to have the server handle the chore; and
Are you *&^$*&^#*$&^#$. Never ever lett a M$ product/machine 
handle your data!
> (2) All things being equal, if the backup is handled by the Samba
> machine, what are your thoughts on the best backup medium, Tape or
> CD-R.
I would choose for tape... Just a DD2 or DDS3 tape would be 
sufficient. I don't trust CD-R for backup.


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