Speed problems with Windows 2000 resolved.

Morten Nilsen morten at nilsen.com
Mon Jan 15 04:56:43 GMT 2001

well... I don't know about that... My W2k box still uses an (integrated) 
Intel adapter.
so it (at least in my case) seems to be an issue with linux...

  Morten Nilsen

Steven Pierce wrote:

> Morton,
> This is very interesting.  I have a Intel card in my W2K box.  I can not get SAMBA to see it at
> all.  I wonder if this is part of the problem.  
> S
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> On 1/15/2001 at 01:30 Morten Nilsen wrote:
>> I have resolved the problems, but I don't know what exactly was causing 
>> it...
>> I had a PCI Intel pro/100 (82557) card running with latest Trustix 
>> release and patches.
>> The problem was quite apparent... lots of collisiions, no speed.
>> FTP worked at normal speeds.
>> But once my PCI-card stopped working (Too much work at interupt)
>> I replaced it with an old NE-2000 ISA clone, and it all fixed itself.
>> I hope this information might help towards the resolution of this very 
>> annoying bug.
>>  Morten Nilsen

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