Improvements/bugfixes for smbmount in 2.2.0-alpha1

Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Jan 14 19:22:17 GMT 2001


Here is an updated patch with things I'd like included in smbmount 2.2.0.
In no particular order ...

2.4.0 support:
+ Allows smbmount to pass options in ascii format to smbfs.
  This is useful for adding new parameters to smbfs and still have old
  smbmounts work. Also makes smbfs more like other linux filesystems.
  Specifically for nls support and future intr/timeout options.

Improved logging:
+ Always enable debug. "bad interaction with autofs" fixed by letting
  smbmount write to a logfile after becoming a daemon.
+ Convert "fprintf(stderr" to "DEBUG(0" to log error messages
+ Add process id to logmessages to separate error messages from different
  smbmounts. Could be done with multiple logfiles instead.

+ allow a second call to change status from interactive to non-interactive

Minor annoyances:
+ Fix memory and socket leak on smbfs reconnects
+ If smbmount gets a reconnect signal it should not continue unless it
  actually manages to open a new connection (else SIGSEGV).
+ Allow smbmount to unmount if there is a problem with the ioctl (missing

Improvements from smbclient:
+ free(c) on error, guess on identical netbois and dns machine name
+ PASSWD_FD/PASSWD_FILE support and "-A" support as credentials=<path>
  (Why have both? why different formats?
   How does PASSWD_FD work? where does it get the fd from? ...)

+ yodldocs for smbmount, smbmnt and smbumount, translated from the
  manpages and updated. (no manpages included)

Patch at:

or if you prefer:

[ This patch includes everything from the earlier patch vs 2.0.7;user=guest ]

And even if you are not Jeremy you are still allowed to download and test
this (please do). The improved logging part might be helpful for those who
are experiencing smbmount reconnection problems.


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