Forcing browser win against WinNT 4 server

Dan Egli cybrgeek at
Fri Jan 12 20:54:59 GMT 2001

Ok folks. I got a question for ya that I need answered if possible.

Our network looks like this:

(internal machines)------------<samba/Firewall/NAT
BOX>-----------------(public machines)

Most of the internal machines are Win98 or Win2k Professional machines. The
Public machines consist of several linux servers, 1 Win98 machine, Win WinNT
server machine, and one Win2000 Server machine.

I am trying to get Samba to win the browser election against the NT and 2000
box. But the NT box seems to keep winning. Is there a way I can Demote the
NT box? It's really annoying. All the internal machines show up on the Samba
server's browse list, but none of the EXTERNAL machines do. And it's Vica
Versa for any public side machines. For example, on the Win98 box that is
outside the firewall, it sees the NT box, the 2000 box, and the samba
servers on the Linux machines outside the network. But it does not see the
internal machines.

I need some way to make sure All the internal machines can see all the
external machines, and vica versa.
If necessary, I can change the workgroup for the NT server, but I'd rather

Any ideas are appreciated!
-- Dan
-- Dan

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