Is this the current status of LDAP support for Samba?

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Jan 12 04:53:07 GMT 2001

"Hastings, Curt" wrote:
> 1. Samba 2.0.7 does not support LDAP.  Although 
> you can compile Samba --with-ldap the code is broken 
> and does not work.


> 2. Samba 2.2.0 will support LDAP but is not out yet.

That was the plans.  Definitely not in the 2.2.0 
release though.

> 3. Some folks have gotten Samba pre2.1 (10-15-99) to 
> work with LDAP but that is alpha code and although 
> LDAP may work other things probably don't.


> Are my understandings correct?  If so when is 2.2.0 
> supposed to be released? If I am incorrect please let 
> me know.

The ACL support is the last feature and Jeremy is working 
hard on that now.  After that is done, it is in a feature 
freeze.  beta testing, bug fixing, and then release.

Cheers, jerry
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