Virus scanner for samba file server

Roberto João Lopes Garcia roberto at
Thu Jan 11 19:29:18 GMT 2001

>To the best of my knowledge, we've not looked at doing virus scanning
>on our mail servers, and since I don't have any role in administering
>the mail system I don't know how feasible it would be.  I think NAI do
>have a product that does mail scanning but I know nothing about it.

Sorry replaying a litle off topic message, but it may help some one

I'm using uvscan scheduled to rum over night in samba files, also, it scans 
e-mail attached files that is converted by MHonArc 
( the messages arrive.

I also know about a software that scan messages on the server before it 
arrive in the local computer, it is AMAVIS (


>I don't know how suitable the Samba architecture is to hooking in a
>virus scanner to do some kind of on-access scanning; for example,
>triggering a scan on "file open for read/execute" and "file close (if
>originally opened for writing)".  Expert opinions?
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