Multiple login failures problem

David L. Jarvis David at
Thu Jan 11 16:47:14 GMT 2001

So you're saying I can put IP's -without- hostnames
in /etc/hosts?  Samba doesn't care if it comes back with
a blank hostname, or a hostname that doesn't match the
incoming login request?

Second question: Since my smb.conf file specifies a
name resolve order with wins being first, why can't
Samba do it's lookup there?  I made the change just
yesterday and already today several workstations have
had the same "Network is busy" problem.  

PS: I'm a bit surprised that both here and in the
newsgroups all I see getting answered are the easy
questions!  I know the Samba team must be reading,
how about a little help here!  Don't let my boss
make me go back to NT!

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> From: Ries van Twisk [mailto:ries at]
> Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 8:59 AM
> It's all about resolving a IP address to a name.
> If you can't use danyamic updates with bind (I really don't know if 
> NT can forward DHCP updates to a DNS server running linux) you 
> might do this.
> When I did setup my network 1.5 years ago (I wasn't a Unix guru at 
> that time, and still I don't consider myself as a guru) I just 
> put this in 
> my hosts file:
> /etc/hosts
>	MyLinux.Box.Com MyLinux
> etc.
> etc.
> I just put the complete range of IP adresses my server (in your case 
> NT) can give out into my /etc/hosts file.
> I also had slow logons because Samba try's to do a reverse lookup.
> Also as you can see I didn't put a hostname after the IP address. 
> Also read the samba mailing list about the subject. It was a big issue 
> a few weeks ago.
> Regards,
> Ries van Twisk

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