Samba & WINS (Re: login failures)

David L. Jarvis David at
Thu Jan 11 14:34:21 GMT 2001

Can someone explain how (or if) Samba uses WINS to
resolve a workstation ip when a user tries to log in?

I have an NT box doing DHCP and WINS, and all pc's
are set up correctly to use it, and the smb.conf 
points to it as well with a "wins server = x.x.x.x" line.
Also in smb.conf I have 
name resolve order = wins host lmhosts bcast
which I thought would tell Samba to use the wins server
from above to resolve ip's of workstations trying to
log in.

However, I'm still having workstations that can't
get mapped to a Samba share during boot (same old
"Network is busy" error).

So my questions go like this: is Samba REALLY using WINS
and the "name resolve order" when it resolves during login?
If so, is there a timeout somewhere that can be tweaked?

The network most definitely is not clogged, it's all
fully switched 100bt with only about 50 active workstations
and a dozen servers.  We have a network analyst doing
monitoring with a Fluke network monitor device and he says
we're doing great - very few broadcasts and nowhere near

So given all of that, shouldn't Samba be able to go directly
to the WINS server to resolve the ip of a workstation trying
to log in?  

David L. Jarvis
David at

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