Samba and HSM

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Thu Jan 11 12:45:24 GMT 2001

Andrew Cherry wrote:
| Files migrated to tape can take as long as 10 minutes to
| retrieve. While attempting to access such a file, the Windows
| NT redirector times out after about 45 seconds, and opens up 
| a new connection (spawning a second smbd process).  

	Unfortunately, NT doesn't realize that it should tell
	the server that it's disconnecting.  It probably
	assumes that the server has crashed.

	Samba can't do much about this, but it can be told to
	clean up the old (now disconected) smbd process. Do try
	"keepalive = 60", and we'll see if the code path
	allows keepalive processing to run while there is a
	read outstanding. 

	If not, we'll probably have to raise this on samba-technical
	and see if there's a way to do so. Hmmm..., or perhaps a 
	way to detect excessive HSM/NFS delay at read-time.

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