Backup - Tape or CD-R

Jim St.Cyr jstcyr at
Thu Jan 11 12:04:52 GMT 2001

(1) Would it be better to let one of the Win98 clients handle the backup
instead of trying to have the server handle the chore; and

No.  It doesn't make sense, in this case, to move all the data over to the
Win 98 box and then back it up.  You are also incurring additional risk.
Win 98 isn't noted for being a robust platform so you probably wouldn't want
to trust backups to happen on a machine that might be offline.

(2) All things being equal, if the backup is handled by the Samba
machine, what are your thoughts on the best backup medium, Tape or CD-R.

Tape is cheaper over the long run.  It also has a higher capacity.  CD-R has
the advantage in that you can read the backup on any machine that has a
CD-ROM drive in it.  I came across a script that would perform backups to
CD.  It is at:

Using SAMBA you could also back up the clients.  I have seen a few articles
in recent months detailing how they did them.  Try searching .


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