Virus scanner for samba file server

Fabio Bastiglia Oliva fboliva at
Thu Jan 11 10:49:51 GMT 2001

Hello guys,

Sorry about my bad english!

I believe that it is a good tip for all you that are searching for a
good anti-virus compatible with samba/*nix.

Many of our customers are using samba as their preferred file server,
so after several tests we from Safe Networks have decide to recommending
the Sophos Anti-Virus to them.

It's really simple to be installed and managed, besides being extremely
trustworthy with a high level of the detection of viruses.

Best Regards
Fabio Bastiglia Oliva - Diretor
fboliva at

Safe Networks Informática LTDA.

"Você acha que está seguro? Nós achamos que não!
 Visite-nos antes que você vire estatística!
               Safe Networks Security Solutions"
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