Samba or Windows problem with network lockup...

Christopher D. Reimer creimer at
Thu Jan 11 08:08:51 GMT 2001


I have a SuSE 6.3 file server with Samba 2.0.7 installed from the 
source.  I access the pub directory from my Windows 98 machine, and use 
Explorer to move files around back and forth.  Once in a great while, Samba 
will lock up on a file transfer and subsequently blocks all network access 
to and from the file server.  The only solution is to reboot the file 
server.  (This is an undesirable solution since I have the pub share on a 
RAID 1 configuration, and ckraid takes two hours to complete after a 
crash.)  I have yet to have a crash with Samba when using a freeware file 
browser called 2X Explorer.

I'm inclined to say that the problem is with Explorer and Samba has a major 
hiccup when that problem appears.  However, I have never seen this problem 
mention in various documents, man pages and FAQs.  Is there some Samba 
configuration that I can use to prevent this crash from happening?  Or, 
should I just stick with 2X Explorer instead?

(Curiously, I have a Samba on Red Hat Linux file server at work that never 
crashes when anyone uses Explorer and it gets a lot of traffic. 
Distribution issue?)


Christopher Reimer

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