I am still getting no-where fast.

Andrew Bruno abruno at zeta.org.au
Wed Jan 10 10:58:38 GMT 2001


Thanks for the help so far and dispite my joy when it started to work, the
LAN still doesn't work.


Samba 2.0.7

586 (W98) and Amiga (3.1)

What is happening:
Can't get access via network neighbourhood to the Amiga from the PC.

The problem was mentioned to me about the passwords not being set.   This
was addressed and it DID work for a while.   It again doesn't.   Why it did
work and why it stopped and started again then stopped again totaly is a

When I click on the name "amiga" on the PC I get a requestor saying
\\amiga\ipc$  password
which identified as the password problem.

This is my password file in Samba:libs/smbpasswd


Ofcourse I had a bit of a problem setting the password, as it (the password)
is a blank.
But I did get it set.

How do I know?  Because it did work for ONE session.

In the other direction from the Amiga to the PC:
When I double click on the mount this is what I get:

*Socket access from PC586 denied!*
*Hostname (PC586 E:$82)!*

This is the mount list:

*Handler     = L:SMB-Handler*
*Stacksize   = 40000*
*Priority    = 5*
*GlobVec     = -1*
*Mount       = 1*
*Startup     = "C=\\PC586\PC MH=AMIGA W=MARY U=puppy P=''"*
Now, why the refusal says FROM pc586 when I say the User is puppy.  
and again you can see I have a null password.

Tonight's forecast: dark, followed by light.

Andrew Bruno
abruno at zeta.org.au

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