Backup - Tape or CD-R

David Rankin drankin at
Thu Jan 11 05:27:47 GMT 2001

I am setting up a new PC/Linux/samba server for a small office (damn
lawyers) and I want to be able to automate backup of data on the Samba
shares. I will need to backup approximately 100M of data for a complete
backup with 25M incremental backups during the week. I would like for
the server to handle this process if possible instead of having a Win98
client assume the chore. With that background, I have two questions:

(1) Would it be better to let one of the Win98 clients handle the backup
instead of trying to have the server handle the chore; and

(2) All things being equal, if the backup is handled by the Samba
machine, what are your thoughts on the best backup medium, Tape or CD-R.

Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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