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Thu Jan 11 00:11:54 GMT 2001

Ries van Twisk wrote:
> Hi,
> This is my situation.
> I have created a stealth domain using bind 8.2.2 for my internal
> network. Currently I use dhcp-dns to update my dns database from
> the DHCP leases file.
> >From what I understand is that dhcp-dns updates every 5 minutes
> using cron - currently.
> Is there any way I can update the dns database as soon as the
> DHCP deamon is giving away a IP address? I can inmagine that
> samba try's to logon within 5 minutes and fails because reverse (see
> samba mailing list about reverse zones) dns is not updates yet.

I don't think this is actualy the case, but anyway...

DHCP 3.0 (in beta, but very stable) will automatically update your DNS
while it is handing out the DHCP address.  It is now included standard
is the b2 version, and includes support for TSIG security (so you know
that only DHCP is updating the database).  The only delay I have ever
experienced is when using secondary servers, in which case there may be
a small delay as the zone's need to be updated.  

In any case, unless you have an address shortage, if you give your
clients long leases the DNS entry won't get removed, as it will still be
vaild when the client starts back up, and no update will need to be
done.  (DHCP attempts to hand out the same address to the same client if
at all possible).

As I have commented on the dhcp-server list, DHCPd + DDNS + Samba's nmbd
WINS server work VERY well together.  (For some reason some hosts are
not spectacular at keeping their WINS info current, but Samba does DNS
lookups if the WINS lookup fails and DNS is being kept current by the
dhcp server.)

> Regards,
> Ries van Twisk
> (A extremly happy samba 2.0.7 users)

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