2.2 support pass though authencation to Win2K AD?

david.touster at acecomm.com david.touster at acecomm.com
Wed Jan 10 20:17:03 GMT 2001

3rd posting, PLEASE HELP

My assumption: I require Samba to pass though authencation to Windows 2000
Activer Directory using LDAP and Kerberos.  (Samba will not be asked to
store or update user passwords, etc. and Samba will NOT replace or try to
be the Active Directory Domain Controller server)

Will the current samba-2.2.0-alpha1 support the following environment:
   (If not which version will?    Approximately, when will it be

1.  Windows 2000 Active Directory (AD) in "Native Mode" will be the
authoritative source for all user authentications (UNIX and Windows),
permissions, etc.
2.  UNIX:  Solaris 8 with it's built in LDAP and Kerberos support
configured to talk to AD  (I'm still working on this)
3.  Need to just share a few directories that reside on the UNIX server to
the Windows 2000 workstations and would like to be able to print from UNIX
to a Windows 2000 system running as a print server (print server could be a
Win2K server and/or workstation)

Follow-up questions:
A.  Does the Samba's PAM support for Kerberos work?   In 2.0.7 as well?
B.  In case accessing directly to the Windows 2000 AD running in "Native
Mode" based on the environment above is currently not a possibility, can
PAM support be used for going through the local UNIX server that Samba
(local LDAP and/or Kerberos) is running on?
C.  Can I turn off LAN Manager authencation/Protocol in Windows 2000 and go
through (if I can) the local Solaris 8 LDAP & Kerberos for authentication
as well servicing the file and print requests?  (All windows systems will
be Windows 2000 - no 9x, ME, or NT will be used)


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