.reg files - info needed

David L. Jarvis DJarvis at DupliOnline.com
Wed Jan 10 19:06:21 GMT 2001

In /usr/docs there are several .reg files.
Unfortunately there is no information to indicate exactly
what they do and why I might use them.

I know what .reg files are and what the registry is
and I know that the .reg files make modifications to
the registry.

The file I -think- I might need is
but I can't be sure because I don't know what it's
supposed to do!

I am having intermittent connection problems from
Win98SE machines.  They usually work, but sometimes
during boot they get "The network is busy" errors or
other connection errors.  Rebooting -sometimes- works,
other times it's just a waiting game.

Anyway - I've searched the net for 3 hours now trying
to find out what Win9X-CacheHandling.reg will do and
whether or not it will help.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
David L. Jarvis
DJarvis at DupliOnline.com

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