BUG: Creating New Folders On SMB (VFAT) Mounted drive

Angelo abricko at mediaone.net
Wed Jan 10 06:16:04 GMT 2001

I have a drive being shared with smb (it's a vfat drive, btw) and
whenever I go to create a new folder from any of the clients to that
shared drive, it gives me a message that the folder allready exists, but
it still does create a new folder, and then i have to rename "new
folder" to whatever I want, same goes with copying/moving folders, it
says the folder allready exists (when it does not) then asks if i want
to overwrite it.
    It seems like when you send a request to the SMB mounted (VFAT)
drive, it creates the folder then gets confused / or forgets it created
the folder and checks to see if it exists, and naturally it does
(because it just did it) and then prompts if it needs to be overwritten
/ or states that it allready exists...

So I've searched through the documents and i couldn't find reference to
anything similar to this problem, so I'm assuming it's a bug, and I hope
I brought it to the right group's attention, if not, I'm sorry and would
like to be notified where i may send this query to.

Thank You
Angelo (abricko at mediaone.net)

version info: Samba 2.07 running on a Redhat 7 (2.2.16-22)

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