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Harminder S. Virdi hsbirdi at creatus.com
Wed Jan 10 02:10:06 GMT 2001


I have just installed samba-2.2.0-alpha1 on a solaris 2.5.1
machine, and I think this is a bug.

On a NT 4.0 machine (which is a client of the domain controlled
by the Samba as a PDC), if you go to

Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools (Common) -> User Manager

 o The User Manager window will pop up
 o Double-click on Administrators in the Groups section (bottom half of
   the window)
 o Local Group Properties windows will pop up, click on Add button
 o Add User and Groups window willpop up
 o List Names From: <Primary Domain> where <Primary Domain> is the
   name of the domain your client belongs to
 o Here in the list every user is listed twice, and all of
   the NT machine names with the $ at the end are visible too (only once)
 o In my previous install only the users would show up once.

Another problem is that once a user is added, and if you repeat the
process, you wont see the name of the user who was added in the
Local Group Properties. It will show as <Domain Name>\Account Unknown

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