Samba and RACF

Mohamed Juma majuma at
Tue Jan 9 05:26:49 GMT 2001

Hi List,

I have the following problem with Samba under OS/390 V 2.6:

Samba has been configured and worked properly, when I tried to test the access of unauthourized user to access /u/ directory under USS to accees other users directory, I get at Os/390 RACF message to tell that there is no sufficient authority which normal.
But when happened later, that the message has been repeated for every user subdirectory, and then started looping for every user again. We faced a problem with the log. We had to IPL the system.
Puting in consideration that I stopped the user access, then the Samba server, but still getting the message errors.
Is any one get such problem, any help is appriciated.

M Juma 
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