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William234 at William234 at
Tue Jan 9 03:17:43 GMT 2001


I am running Samba on a few file servers where I work.  One of the things we 
need is a clean way to log who connects to what share, at what time, and from 
what computer.  The other thing we need to log is what file was accessed by 
who, and at what time.

I looked through the docs and several online mailing list archives.  I didn't 
see anything that looked promising.  Setting the debug log level to level 3 
seems to accomplish this in an ugly way.   However, it also includes a whole 
bunch of debugging information we do not need.

I am wondering if there is a clean way to get something similar to what the 
Apache access logs do.

I should know this but I don't remember if I am running 2.0.6 or 2.0.7 on the 

Bill Miller
William234 at

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