Samba & Briefcase

Matthew Crowe mtcrowe at
Tue Jan 9 02:12:55 GMT 2001

Hi all:

I'm running a RH7.0 server with Samba installed connected to a Win98SE
client.  I'm trying to create local synchronized copies of server files
using Briefcase.  I create a Briefcase folder (on my desktop, c:\, doesn't
matter where) and when I try to drag a file or directory from my Samba
server (drive letter mapped or UNC pathed) it says:

The folder cannot be added to the briefcase because the disk is
inaccessible.  Verify that the disk is accessible.  [Retry/Cancel]

There's no pertinent information on Microsoft's knowledgebase regarding this
and the vast amount of search-engine info I've found is regarding creating a
briefcase folder on a Samba share, not attempting to add items FROM a Samba

Any help?  Greatly appreciated.

Matthew Crowe
mtcrowe at

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