Umlaut in smbfs filenames

Peter Henn peter.henn at
Mon Jan 8 17:10:54 GMT 2001

I like to backup a MS W95 workstation under Linux. I use Linux SuSE 6.4, 
Kernel 2.2.16 (from the SuSE 7.0), Samba 2.0.6 and Windows 95b (OSR2). 
The backup medium is a CD-RW burned with x-cdroast. The burning program
reads the smb mounted filesystem and generates an ISO9660 filesystem
with Joilet extension.

Unfortunately Windows uses Umlaute like "Ö ö Ü ü Ä ä" in filenames or
directory names. Specially the directory "Zubehör" makes the problem.
Unter Linux I see this directory as "Zubeh?r" or "Zubeh r".
On the other hand I can create in a SMB mounted shared directory under 
Linux also a file "Zubehör". But then it looks in Windows like "Zubeh÷r".
(Possibly the emailer has also some problems with the Umlautes yet)

Additional Information:
smbmount reads the /etc/smb.conf file and it contains already the
required settings:
	security = user
	client code page = 850
        character set = iso8859-1

I guess it has to do with code table conversions (CP850 to ISO8850-1 
code tables and visa verse) or with the National language support (NLS)
or with a bug in smbmount and cmbclient with 8bit filenames (see

All what I found was:

So the questions are:
1. Is it possible to convert the filenames correct?
2. If yes, what I have to do to fix this problem?

Thanks for hints,

Peter Henn 
Germany                                 mailto:Peter.Henn at

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