smbd processes birth and death

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Mon Jan 8 12:49:29 GMT 2001

Frederic Gilbert wrote:
| So the question: I believed that a smbd process starts when 
| someone connects to a share, is associated with this connection,
| and dies when the connection is closed.
| Am I wrong, and if so when is the process supposed to die? Is it
| normal that some smbd processes go on living after the connection
| is closed; are they still doing anything?

	They're usually still running because the client 
	crashed or was powered off when there was no activity
	on the connection.  Samba doesn't know that no-one's
	on the other end of the connection, and doesn't close
	down the connection.  

	We recommend you set "keep alive = 60" to make Samba
	check for dead clients after 60 seconds of silence.

	Optionally you might set "dead time = 30", to make
	samba close inactive connections after half an hour.
	for other recommendations...

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