Read blocked by Samba 2.0.7

Hirotomo Iwasaki iwasaki at
Sat Jan 6 03:04:01 GMT 2001

Hi, there!

 "Read blocked by Samba 2.0.7"
 This began to happen when Samba 1.9.16 on HP-UX 9.07 
 was up-dated to Samba 2.0.7.  Before the version up,
 a file storing common data for several Windows95 clients
 could be read at any occasion from any of the 
 Window95 clients.  Now, the file read action seems
 blocked (at somewhere I do not know) if there 
 is only one client application on a client.

 Strange is that the file can be read successfully 
 if there are two or more clients which are reading 
 the file once in every few seconds. So, there is 
 no basic problem about the new version as long as 
 the browsing and accessing configuration is 

 Here is one attempt to investigate into the queer 
 behavior:  I used only one client and let its read 
 action kept blocked, and then I typed the contents 
 of the file in DOS prompt on the very same client. 
 This released the read block and the application's 
 read action returned successfully. 

 I am guessing some buffer might be too large for 
 the file of the size of less than 1 kbytes. 
 Would someone advise me to solve this problem?

 Hirotomo Iwasaki 

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