smbclient -> winpop -> win2000

Timo Proescholdt timo at
Fri Jan 5 17:54:30 GMT 2001

Hello List,

i want to send messages (information on incomming calls) from
my linux box to my win2000 workstation. For this i use

echo "hell0" |smbclient -M win2000 -I

the problem ist that the message appears about 10 seconds
later, a little to late for a call )-: .
The reason for that is the behaviour of smbclient together
with win2000. When i call smbclient like mentioned above
it connetcs to the win2k wkst saying

"type your message now, ending with Control-D"

waiting for about 5 seconds before sending it with a
"sending XX bytes" to the win2000 mashine.
An echo "hello ^D" | smbclient does not help.
Smbclient includes the ^D into its message (as a kind of box)
which is crazy because it accepts an ^M as newline.
I tried

smbclient -M win2000 <<eof

as script as well but with no success.

Then i downloaded samba 2.20 alpha and compiled smbclient
-> the same result.
I tried TNG because i heared it has win2000 code in it
but i could not get it to work, problems with the codepages (850)

The shit is that for example with a Win ME mashine it works fine,
but i need it on win2000.

does any of you freaks have annother idea or information?
mayby annother winpop programm for the console?
(I need it for a script)

1001 thanks
timo proescholdt

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