Novell ?

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at
Fri Jan 5 16:37:47 GMT 2001

Seth Rothenberg wrote:
> Greetings,  samb'ers
> Sorry if this is repetitive, but I can't imagine the answer is NO,
> so I would like to trouble the list again....
> My PC-maintaining colleagues ask,
> "Can SAMBA log in to a Novell 5.1 file server and authenticate through NDS (Novell Directory Services)?
> We are trying to use SAMBA to move files from our Sun to a Novell 5.1 server not running FTP services."
> If the answer is NO, does anyone have an inexpensive solution to this - or, advice -
> my PC people don't want to run FTP services on a server running an important application.
If you're dead-set against FTP:
Look for ncpfs, which should let you mount the Netware volume from
Linux.  Then you could use Samba to expose that as a smb share.  I know
ncpfs is supposed to have some level of NDS support now.

Or, mount the volume from a WinPC running Novell client, and share that
using Windows File Sharing!  (Haven't tried this...)

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