List request

Fri Jan 5 08:34:17 GMT 2001

Jerry (et al)

This message for example in reply to your own had no mention of samba in any of the headers because you did what I did and replied to a CC or BC.  I had to put in the CC myself.  OK, most mails can be found by looking for samba in all headers.

Contrast this to the opennms list which has, for example, [opennms-discuss] or [JoeSNMP] in the subject (neither of which I or anyone else is likely to use by accident) 

I know which I find easiest.

Jon Gerdes

>>> Gerald Carter <gcarter at> 01/04/01 06:42pm >>>
Mike O'Neill wrote:
> FWIW I also agree.
> > Can we have something in the Subject line 
> > indicating that the message is > Samba related?  Can the list
> > server do that?

Just filter on from samba@*
Works just as well.

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