Microsoft PDC password authentication problems

Thomas, Mike (Aprisma Engineer) mthomas at
Thu Jan 4 18:27:55 GMT 2001

I am using Samba to provide access to several UNIX NFS shares for lots of NT boxes, some NT4 and some W2k.  I have the security set to SERVER and "password server" pointing to our PDC (which is an NT4 Server box)  Every so often I have to stop samba and restart samba because it stops being able to authenticate against the PDC.  I get the following messages in the log:

[2001/01/04 13:14:18, 1] smbd/password.c:(1131)
  password server AMT1 rejected the password

But if I stop and start samba (I run samba as a daemon) the problem disappears.

Anyone know anything about this problem?  I've had this same problem for a couple versions and was really hoping it would be fixed.  I am currently running 2.0.5a and have downloaded 2.0.7 and will try this.

Thanks, Mike
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