List request

Daniel_Casey at Daniel_Casey at
Thu Jan 4 17:29:36 GMT 2001

I second that request.  Some of the lists I'm on will have a

[listname] This is my message subject

To idendify the list in the subject.

                    Thomas Cameron                                                                                               
                    <tcameron at archimage.linux-        To:     <samba at>                                              
          >                        cc:                                                                        
                    Sent by:                          Subject:     List request                                                  
                    samba-admin at                                                                                    
                    01/04/2001 03:18                                                                                             

Howdy Samba folks -

I have a pretty nitpicky request to make:

Can we have something in the Subject line indicating that the message is
Samba related?  Can the list server do that?

I, like many others on the list, am on a boatload of lists.  It would be
nice if the subject said what list the message is in reference to.

Thanks, and sorry for the intrustion,

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