Disappearing Mounts

Winston Nchamukong Winston.Nchamukong at LOSTWAX.COM
Thu Jan 4 15:49:27 GMT 2001

Dear Admin,

I wish to report a problem that I have been experiencing with Samba versions
2.0.6 and 2.7. The specific problem concerns mounting windows shares on our
Linux machines running Linux 6.2. These shares are mounted using the mount
-t smbfs command. These shares keep on disappearing ( i.e. they time out)
and needs to be remounted everyday. I have checked all the user rights on
both machines and they are all okay. Find below the commands used to mount
these shares. We also use encrypted passwords in the smb.conf file (
encrypted passwords = yes), and tested this file with the testparm command
and there is no error.

username on Linux and NT4 machines = linux6user

user password = L6Nt4useR

shares on NT4 = //nt4pc-0001/usershares

mount point on Linux machines = /home/public/nt4shares

mount command =

mount -t smbfs //nt4pc-0001/usershares -o username=linux6user%L6Nt4useR

Entry in the  /etc/fstab file

# windows shares mounted on Linux 6.2 on mount point /home/public/nt4shares

//nt4pc-0001/usershares /home/public/nt4shares smbfs password=L6Nt4useR 0 0

I look forward to hearing from you at your very earliest convenience.

yours sincerely,


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