Claudio Barizon - Projeto de Producao Cbarizon at oglobo.com.br
Thu Jan 4 13:11:01 GMT 2001

> Dear Sirs,
> My name is Cláudio Barizon and I work for a newspaper company in Rio de
> Janeiro - Brasil - called "O Globo". I would like to be writting about
> good things, but, unfortunantelly, we are having a little problem on
> enabling the Samba's resources to the Windows users. So, if you can help
> us, we woul be very thankful.
> We have an OPI system (Open Prepress Interface), that performs image
> administration on generation newspaper pages to be printed (it changes
> high resolution images for low ones and vice-versa, depending on the
> appropriate time, to optimize the net working). Just this system is
> installed over Unix in Sun platform (Solaris - Machine Sun E3000). All our
> users work on Windows workstations and, to access the OPI resources, they
> use the graphic interface enabled by Samba. In this environment,
> everything works very well and all configured resources (smb.conf) are
> correct presented.
> Although, we are rebuilding the back-up/contingency environment of this
> system (unfortunantely, we are a new team in this environment and, to make
> our situation worst, there is no documentation) and we identify a problem
> with Samba's resources. The platform is almost the same as the previous
> one: Solaris, but running over a Sun Ultra 2. The environment, however, is
> different: this machine runs another production system (Publishing) and it
> works as an OPI back-up machine, when necessary.
> We verified that some configurated resources (smb.conf) are not being
> displayed in Windows interface. For instance: we have 188 configured
> resources in the file, but just the firsts 92 resources are presented. We
> tried to find out any parameter file, which limited the amount of
> resources or bytes, but we didn't have success.
> In both machines the Samba's versions are different: in the first one
> (production) the version is 1.8.0; in the second on (back-up) the version
> is 1.9.15. Unfortunantely, we can NOT upgrade the versions (besides, where
> the interface is not working well is where the versions is more actual),
> because the Samba's resources, in the back-up machine, are used by the OPI
> (when it's on air) and also by the Publishing System (which is running and
> has some particularities).
> So, if you can help us, it would be very very nice!
> Sorry about my bad english and for writing you so long letter.
> Thank you very much and happy new year for everybody!!!
> Best regards,
> Cláudio Barizon

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